Star Trek TITANS: The Next Generation: Riker Chase Hidden Variant The "Make It So" Collection Vinyl Figure


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Riker (1/40) Hidden Chase Vinyl Figures. The box was open to verify content and re-sealed. After the success of our Star Trek: The Original Series TITANS 3” blind box wave, we’re following up with the crew of the Enterprise-D in our Star Trek TITANS: The Next Generation – The “Make It So” Collection! Featured in the wave is one of the greatest Captains in the history of Star Fleet – Jean Luc Picard! Plus: his right hand man and second in command, William T Riker (and his beard), the mighty Klingon Worf, android Data and the rest of the iconic bridge crew from the series! Also featured in the wave are a host of enemies, including the godlike Q, the crazed Gowron and, of course, Picard’s evil Borg identity – Locutus! “Engage!” Each figure is 3” blind-boxed and certain pieces come with a character-specific accessory.